Hanover Township Code Enforcement Office

The Code Enforcement Officers are responsible for helping residents to comply with the Ordinances of the Township of Hanover. Compliance is required for new construction and for existing buildings undergoing expansion, repair or renovation. Assistance is available through reviews of applications and plans, the issuance of permits, inspections during the course of construction and issuance of Certificates of Occupancy.

Before a resident begins any construction or alteration project, he or she should contact the Code Enforcement Office to find out if a permit is required.

Residents are also urged to consult an Officer about zoning regulations prior to purchasing property with the intent to change the existing use and prior to changing the use of a property already owned. Zoning regulations of Hanover Township permit different uses in various part of the Township, so being sure that a new use is permitted and the property meets the setback and lot usage requirement.

Before you begin your building project, please stop and visit the Code Enforcement Office at the Hanover Township Municipal Building.

Inspectors are often in the field doing inspections, but someone will be in the Code Enforcement Office during the hours listed below. It is suggested to call and make an appointment if you wish to speak directly with an inspector.

Rick Hummer - Zoning Officer, (570) 825-1246, Fax: (570) 270-4644
Email: rihummer@hanovertownship.org

2016 Zoning Ordinance

2017 Hanover Twp. SALDO

SALDO Fee Schedule

Mark Bienias - Building Inspector, Code Enforcement Officer, Assistant Zoning Officer, Plumbing Inspector, Mechanical Inspector. (570) 825-1245

William Kunec - (570) 825-1240

Harry Wood - Electric Inpector, (570) 825-1244

Gary Makarczyk - Code Enforcement Clerk, (570) 825-1247

Michael Galaida - Health Officer, (570) 825-1240

Office Hours: Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Code Enforcement Forms

Code Enforcement Permit Fee Schedule

Action Request Form

Required for General/Jobbing Contractor License

Required for Master Plumber/Electrician License

Application for License

Application for Plan Examination and Building Permit
(must be printed double sided on white paper)

Application for Plan Examination and Electric Permit
(must be printed double sided on green paper)

Application for Plan Examination and Plumbing Permit
(must be printed double sided on pink paper)

Application for Plan Examination and HVAC Permit
(must be printed double sided on light blue paper)

Application for Zoning Permit
(must be printed double sided on white paper and have two copies)

The Growing Homeowners Initiative

Occupancy Application

Stormwater Management Permit Application

Hanover Township Requirements Under Workers Compensation
Act 44

Zoning Maps

Hanover Township

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Upper Askam - Lower Askam Trusdale Terrace - Witinski Villa
Hanover Green - Korn Krest - Buttonwood  


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