Department of Public Works

The Hanover Township Public Works Department has a wide array of responsibilities. On a daily basis, the Hanover Township Public Works Department under the direction of Ned Zwiebel is in charge of refuse, recycling, yard waste, and ash collection, the maintenance of road signs, patching pot holes, repairing curbs, storm drains, snow plowing, cutting grass and maintain the township owned playgrounds.

Edward (Ned) Zwiebel - Supervisor - (570) 825-1257
Hours of Operation: 6:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.


Ordinance #003-2009

An Ordinance of the Township of Hanover Requiring owners, tenants or occupants of properties abutting any public streets within the Township to Clean and keep free from snow and ice public sidewalks in front of their properties and prohibiting the depositing, throwing or shoveling of snow or ice upon that portion of any street or highway cleaned or plowed by any governmental authority and prescribing penalties thereof.

Hanover Township residents are reminded of Ordinance # 003-2009 – Section 2 – It shall be the duty of all owners, all tenants or occupants of any lot or land or real estate in the Township of Hanover abutting any public street or walkway to remove or clear the sidewalks contiguous thereto of all snow or ice within twenty- four (24) hour after the cessation of any snow or fall of snow or sleet or formation of ice upon said sidewalk.

A complete copy of the ordinance can be obtained by contacting the Township Secretary at 570-825-1241.

Hanover Township Playground Locations

Hanover Green – Downing Street
Korn Krest – High Street
Buttonwood – Cherry Lane
Newtown - Green Street
Newtown - Liberty Street
Lyndwood – Mack Street
Breslau – Wilkes Barre Street
Upper Askam – South Street
Lower Askam – Oak Street

Any questions feel free to contact the Road Supervisor at 825-1257.

Main Number: 570-825-8522 | Main Fax: 570-825-1242 | 1267 Sans Souci Parkway, Hanover Township, PA 18706